More Challenges


“In China, relationship is the heart of all activities. As a foreigner, and particularly working in Beijing, it takes a very long time to evolve those relationships. I need to keep myself involved in the projects, but the involvement is different here.  What does it mean to empower others?  The question that faces me most is how to stay involved but not in charge…”
      - Water Keeper

“For the most part, the Flow Fund is an easy, gentle thing that unfolds in its own time and in its own way. The greatest temptation is to try and force anything, so perhaps the greatest challenge is always around faith – faith that in time, the right person or project will reveal itself. And, of course, it always does. So faith and patience are the most important practices for me in this work.”
      - Wayne

 “We had two main challenges :
A) To find persons who will realize a successful & creative project in harmony with the values of non-violence, being themselves non-violent persons.
 B) To find persons who will understand the real meaning of a ‘trust donation’ or grant.”
      - Walid and Ogarit


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