Why do it?


Feira Preta in Sao Paulo, Brazil, a fair created by Adriana Barbosa. In 2009, Flow Funder Marcel Calvacanti donated funds to bring more diversity to the fair with afro-indegenous people from other traditional communities across Brazil.


Flow Funding is:

  • a proactive form of giving – rather than a reactive method that involves saying yes and no to requests and proposals
  • a way to allow large amounts of money to flow out in a sane and meaningful way through many small grassroots grants
  • an opportunity to make giving money away an adventure as opposed to a burden
  • healing to philanthropists who are wounded or burned out
  • building a sense of connection and community that grows through trust
  • a way to cut back on overhead and paperwork
  • a way to empower visionaries to be philanthropists

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