More Changes in World View


“I think all of us are born with the desire to help others and finding inspiration should not be very hard. You just need to have compassion. My inspiration came from people I have been working with. It came from seeing their problems, their efforts to stand on their own feet, and willingness to do anything to support themselves. The gift that we’re giving to people will awaken feelings of love and kindness in them.
      - Mira

“The same source which inspired us in our work with the Non-Violence and People’s Rights Project, inspired us in making our Flow Fund grants for four women who worked as animators of the project.  It is Love — the love of life, love of the other, and the love of peace. It moved us to see the same love transfered from the four active women to children and youth.”
      - Walid and Ogarit

“I’m used to receiving funds for projects I initiate myself. With the Flow Fund I was simply a conduit for ‘the gift that moves’ and I found that to be a profound experience of grace. My will had little to do with the success of the exchange. I was simply a witness.”
      - David

“I am always inspired by the natural generosity of ordinary people. I am astonished at the kindness and courage of so many who are not only willing, but grateful to be able to offer some gift for the healing of part of the world they know to be in need of care. I am humbled by their generosity, and thankful to have the Flow Fund resources to be able to participate in some small way in the thousands of thoughtful, invisible kindnesses that turn the wheel of healing in the world.  
      - Wayne

“The inspiration came when I made the first move to assist someone. It seems that by doing so, something began to make sense inside me—there was a purpose, a reason that sits beyond me. I found myself being guided to do and say things that were absolutely appropriate, knowing deep inside that it was not exactly my mind that was fully in charge of all the action around. The interesting aspect of this story is the fact that all this inspiration and initiation of the process came from a mule, a very sweet mule. This was an animal that I bought to help a family run a small restaurant business, at a remote beach. I realized that these funds could only be directed if I used my heart’s eyes to see true needs that beginning to come to me.”
      - Edmundo

“I am inspired by the fact that I have the freedom of choice, that I can help those who really need it the most. And that I could see the emotions of people, their faces full of joy and happiness.
      - Natalya

In my experience I was very much inspired by the word ‘FLOW’. So, I put myself in a place where I could be helped to see how the flowing of money would best go. In the great majority of cases people had no idea about the Flow Fund, and news would reach me in a way that I knew the Flow could go there.
      - Sonia


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